Binder Method:
Print the content double-sided
Hole-punch everything
Arrange the content by section
Use colored tabs to separate the sections

Pythagoras, the first Philosopher

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A new zip file will be uploaded soon so for now the one below is missing a few of the newer documents.

All Binder Materials, zip file (click to download)

Includes front cover sheet, pre-intro section cover, and subject cover sheets.

The Trivium Intro
The Lost Tools of Learning by Dorothy Sayers



Extra Additions
There is so much useful stuff in this book I would just go buy a copy right now if you can.

Modern science is verifying what mystery schools have known all along.

A concise appeal to parents encouraging them to study the Trivium.

14 traits of elite schools outlined by John Taylor Gatto in the video series "Elite Private Boarding Schools."