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The following is a selection of some of the best audio available on the web on the topic of Trivium learning.  Perfect for people who are able to consume audio media at home, at the gym, at work, in the car, or anywhere else an mp3 player might show up.  As with all things Trivium learning, spaced repetition of material helps one to better absorb and understand the information, so repeated listening sessions are recommended!

Logic, Fallacies, and the Trivium. Tony Myers Interviews Jan Irvin

Jan Irvin on Feet to Fire Radio w/ James Arthur Jancik

Gene Odening interview, pt. 4 – “Beyond the Trivium” (Gnostic Media podcast w/ Jan Irvin)

Trivium Part II w/ Jarett Sanchez

More Trivium w/ Gene Odening - An Introduction

More Trivium w/ Gene Odening - Grammar

***First Year Teacher Edition***
Here is the first of two parts of my presentation on "liberal learning" or what has more recently come to be known as "the lost tools of learning" or, the Trivium Method.

The first three of the seven liberal arts, the Trivium, focus on the use of language and thought- the world of the mind. Since these methods are products of the rational abilities of the human mind, this type of education is quite universal, although it's image has been tarnished for many, many centuries. Only in the past few decades has the Trivium emerged as a viable educational model once again. While not a complete education in and of itself, it empowers the student to pursue the full capabilities of the mind, giving a comprehensive method, a time-tested suite of subjects, and numerous intellectual skills which will benefit them throughout their adult life. Instead of teaching you "what" to think, the Trivium method teaches you "how" to think.

This is a way to increase your intelligence.

Part 1 covers the introductory information on the Trivium Subjects and Method, while Part 2 covers the Trivium Skills.

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***Show Notes***
Center For The Study Of The Great Ideas:
"Philosophy is everybody's business."

Gnostic Media Podcast w. Jan Irvin:

Richard Grove's podcast and networking site: